Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Star of Sirius, Father of Mighty Womb Men

For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!
'Afara'aytumu Al-Lāta Wa Al-`Uzzá
Wa Manāata Ath-Thālithata Al-'Ukhrá
Did you see Allata, Aluzza and Manaata the third ... other?
Those high flying cranes who´s help will be nice?
They follow skyturns and do what they want.

The Descent of Ishtar to the Underworld



Goddess of the Morning Star, worshipped throughout the Arabian Peninsula before the coming of Islam, from the Nabatean kingdom in the North (who built the fabulous city of Petra) to the Kingdom of Saba (the Biblical Sheba) in the south, and including
Mecca, where She was one of the principal Goddesses. She is described sometimes as a warrior, sometimes as a love goddess, much like Astarte or Ishtar, also deities of the planet Venus. She brings a warrior's desire for action and clarity to the situation, and was worshipped as a black stone.

Mohamed's parents where very poor since they only got the right to
protect the Ka'Abah stonehouse and their clan got mecca to rule so
milking the religion became profetiable hence his name the prophet

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