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Free Ayaan fanboy 's art-poster

Paypal @ security trust for "Roy Lichtenstein"effect block posters;

Touch not the cat bot a glove between the devil and the deep blue sea ; the Dutch gov't says it is willing to pay for Mme Ayaan Hirsi Ali's protection while she is in the NL, not abroad and the US says it does not pay security protection for individuals.

Not since lions tore apart slaves for the prurient enjoyment of the mob has Europe witnessed a spectacle as revolting as Hirsi Ali’s appearance last week before the European Parliament. Before the eyes of the world, a leading citizen of the Netherlands begs the legislature of Europe to protect her against assassins whose declared goal is the destruction of Europe’s liberties as well as its civilization.

Thus far, the authorities of Europe have made clear that they will do nothing to prevent the murder of a prominent citizen. The Dutch government turns its back. Europe’s Parliament listens politely and refers the matter to committee. A group of French MEPs has invited her to apply for French citizenship so that the French government might offer her protection. eos:

"Religious fundamentalism, when it threatens death to anyone who dares criticise the symbols or ideology of a religion, is a direct threat to the fundamental freedoms of the individual." Source: English ; Islam critic in EU protection plea

Ayaan Hirsi Ali told the European parliament in Brussels "The threats to my life have not subsided. If anything they have only increased. And the cost is beyond anything a private person can pay or raise ... I come here to ask you ... to establish a European fund to finance the protection of people like me, whose only crime is free speech."

photo: halal saving piggy coin bank: gluurspleetje van hun spookgewaad: 3 generations babushka nesting dolls with suprise!

She has attempted to raise funds herself, but describes with characteristic eloquence the vortex she has found herself in: "It has become swiftly apparent that the best I can do is raise enough money to pay for the security detail that accompanies me to fundraising meetings." & "I don't want to die. I want to live and I love life. I'm in a desperate situation," Ayaan Hirsi Ali said this week, addressing law-makers at the European Parliament in an attempt to secure EU funding for the 24-hour personal security, Photo El Pais - Paris

From Reuters;

The Dutch government
stopped paying the 2 million euros ($2.9 million) a year bill for protecting Somali-born Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch parliamentarian, in October after she left to join a U.S. think-tank in 2006.

"There is an initiative by French lawmakers of the Socialist Party and intellectuals put to the French government to make her French and let the French government take care of her protection," said Ingrid Pouw, Hirsi Ali's spokeswoman.

Hirsi Ali is now paying for her own protection from donations, said Pouw.

"She is collecting money on a monthly basis," she said.
French lawmakers have also tabled a motion to the European Parliament to get the bloc to pay for her protection, citing freedom of expression and the values of democracy, she said.

"It will be a solution to her problem," said Pouw. She said Hirsi Ali would be willing to take up French citizenship if it would help her get French funding for her protection.
Photo: Aha in EU-parliament
during presentating of the written motion:

"demande que l'Union européenne prenne les mesures nécessaires à la prise en charge de la protection de Mme Ayaan Hirsi Ali – qui n'est plus assurée aujourd'hui par les Pays-Bas –, quel que soit le pays où celle-ci a choisi de résider, afin de ne pas restreindre davantage sa liberté, déjà entravée par les menaces"

to be signed by 393 (1/2 +1) other European MPs in order to have effect.

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Hirsi Ali zegt nee tegen Danmark

Nu blijkt er ook nog een 19 internationale steden voor vluchtelingen netwerk ter zijn; "de International Cities of Refuge Network (Icorn), an initiative comprising 19 towns around the world offering asylum to authors under threat"
19/4-07: The government together with the Danish branch of international literary organisation PEN has
De govt samen met de Deense Tak van int. literatuur org. PEN heeft
decided to join the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) that grants persecuted
besloten aan te sluiten bij icorn die geeft vervolgde
literary personalities a safe haven and stipends.
schrijvers personen een veilig onderkomen en stipendia/toelagen.

ICORN, which was founded by Salman Rushdie after he was made the target of an Islamic fatwa in 1989 for his novel ‘Satanic Verses’*, is a worldwide network of cities that allow writers to continue their work without fear of reprisal from authoritative regimes. *sar-stanza's; treiterrijmen en dwanggedichten. b.v. aantal engelen moest rijmen, zodat het er acht ipv 7 werden wat gewoon veel is waardoor complete woestijnvolken met ander engelgetal opeens duivelaanbidders werden.

Brian Mikkelsen, the culture minister, said he considered ICORN as a way for Denmark to demonstrate its support for freedom of expression.

Danish Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen was quoted as saying today.

"Ayan Hirsi Ali should top the list of writers who, in my opinion, should be invited to (come and live in) Denmark. She has, more than anyone, fought for freedom of speech and she has, more than anyone, faced personal threats on her life," Mikkelsen told the Jyllands-Posten daily.

He called on Danish towns to offer to house the Somalian-born Hirsi Ali within the framework of the International Cities of Refuge Network (Icorn), an initiative comprising 19 towns around the world offering asylum to authors under threat, which Denmark plans to join.

The following cities are either hosting a writer now, or have committed to receiving a writer within the next year:
Mexico City

Title ICORN : international cities of refuge network
Description The International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) is an international organisation for persecuted writers, and operates as an "association of cities and regions around the world dedicated to the value of Freedom of Expression". The ICORN website has details of the organisation, its aims and membership, its events, and contact details. There is a quarterly ICORN Newsletters in PDF format, which is freely available on the website. As of June 2007, four issues of the newsletter are available. In addition, the 'Babel webzine' sidebar gives free access to many profiles of writers, poems, testimonies, essays on inter-cultural communication, region profiles, and spoken audio files. The Babel webzine can be searched by keyword.
URL [English]
URL [English]
Keywords - controlled censorship; censors; freedom; authors; journalists; publishers
Keywords - uncontrolled free speech; freedom of speech; human rights; first amendment; book burning; banned books; cultural sanctuaries; empire of the mind; dictatorships
Type Associations; Journals - full-text
Classification Communications, Media and Culture > Journalism > Gender or Sexuality in Journalism
Communications, Media and Culture > Journalism > Journalists
Communications, Media and Culture > Publishing > Bookselling
Philosophy > Political Philosophy
English Studies > English Literature
English Studies > Philosophy and Religion
Responsibility ICORN (Author)
Publisher ICORN (Publisher)
Country of origin Norway

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AAI sets up ABBA Tabernacle

American Bible Beltway Atheists set up taburnakel;
ref: washingtondc craigslist event 426525285
Atheist Alliance International "Crystal Clear Atheism"
After seeing her give a speech at AAI a few weeks
ago (which will be on the DVD from RDF of that
event) I have new found respect for her situation.
American Atheists & Beltway Atheists will be tabling (setting up a tent, and a table with first amendment materials) in Washington DC (@ Dupont Circle).
It’s important to make people aware of the Constitution, and the Jeffersonian Wall of Separation of Church and State being attacked and undermined by the Religious Dominionists in the United States.
American Atheists and Beltway Atheists are going to be providing people with first amendment materials about Separation of Church and State, as well as information on the Bill of Rights. We will also be asking people how they feel about Separation of Church and State, in attempts to engage them on the issue at hand.

Highlights from the Atheist Alliance International Convention 2007:
  • Hearing Ayaan Hirsi Ali start a sentence with “Fundamentalist Islam…” and then quickly correcting herself by saying, “well, Islam… ”
  • Listening to a question posed to Ali: “Why are Americans so stupid?” Her response: “Well… [it’s] only half of them…”
  • Seeing Richard Dawkins stand in line to ask Ali the question, “May I nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize?”
  • Hearing Christopher Hitchens avoid answer one attendee’s query by saying: “Your question didn’t give me enough of an erection.”
  • Hearing Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson and Hollywood screenwriter Matthew Chapman explain why he should be up for sainthood: “If an old lady who argued against contraception in the slums of Calcutta can be up for sainthood, so should I for having done nothing.”
  • Hearing Chapman also say that for a woman to be religious, it was like “a freed slave still living on the plantation.”
  • Staring at the word “ATHEIST” and realizing that you can unscramble it and get “EAT SHIT.”
  • Being really upset that at one point, Dawkins, Harris, Ali, Hitchens, and Dennett (all of whom have made The New York Times bestsellers list) were in the same room, and there was no photo opportunity with all of them together.
  • Hearing Dennett joke that “Atheism is a chick magnet.”

More from jezblog;

Ayaan Hirsi Ali had a hypnotic effect on her audience. Her beauty and eloquence, her bravery and intellect, the sheer extraordinariness of her life, she is simply an incredible person. A perfect embodiment for this audience of secular rationalists of all the possibility in the triumph of reason over tribalism and superstition. They loved her. I loved her. She was fantastic.

Her latest book Infidel has caused more controversy and sadly she must have body guards at all times even in America.

Clearly she is amazingly strong willed and defiant but she also has a wonderful modesty and gentleness about her as she speaks from the rostrum and with her admirers afterwards

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Enlightenment fundamentalists & cultural relativists

French philosopher Pascal Bruckner accused Ian Buruma and Timothy Garton Ash of propagating a form of multiculturalism that amounts to legal apartheid. His fiery polemic unleashed an international debate. By now Timothy Garton Ash, Necla Kelek, Paul Cliteur, Lars Gustafsson, Stuart Sim and Ulrike Ackermann have all entered the ring. Read their contributions as well as Ian Buruma's initial response at sign and sight website.

In The view from the Vistula: Journalist Adam Krzeminski gives a Polish perspective on the multiculturalism debate and warns against oversimplified analogies between Islamic and Eastern European dissidents;

I read the debate launched by perlentaucher and between the "Enlightenment fundamentalists" and the "cultural relativists" ... in Poland there is also no argument worthy of its name about Turkish EU accession.

Not even the National Catholics are opposed to it. Too lasting an impression was made on Polish minds by the legend that the Ottoman Empire never recognised the partition of Poland in the 18th century, and that at official occasions in the Sultan's palace the Polish ambassador was ritually invoked only to be excused as "temporarily delayed".

In Western eyes the Poles are often compared with the Turks, as Norman Stone did for example in 2005 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and which was reported in Poland without provoking too much outrage. After all, Polish historians like Janusz Tazbir point out that Polish Sarmatism, that ideology of the Polish nobility which was an autistic mixture of Marianism, Polish self-sufficiency and a mistrust of the Enlightened West, assumed in the 17th-18th centuries such oriental traits that Friedrich II referred contemptuously to the Polish nobility in their Turkish skirts as "Europe's Iroquois" when explaining to the European public why the Polish-Lithuanian nobility-run republic had become so fragmented.

Historical analogies are tempting, yet they can be misleading. Take the comparison between Islam and communism drawn by Ayaan Hirsi Ali at the height of the "cartoon conflict" in her speech in Berlin. It had initial impact but is not convincing in the long run.

The back-up offered to her by Ulricke Ackermann did not make things any better. "The sympathetic reading of Islam recalls that of communism before 1989," she writes. "At the time, the West's self-hatred and invalidation of the accomplishments of free democracy were expressed in a generous interpretation of communism. A similar phenomenon is to be seen in attitudes towards Islam today, in large part thanks to its anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism. Many Western intellectuals had reservations about Eastern European dissidents because they were only fighting for the so-called 'bourgeois liberties.' Many dreamed at the time of a 'third way' between capitalism and communism. The analogy is evident in the terminology: Stalinism could be criticised but communism was handled with kid gloves. Today, criticism of Islamism is common sense, but criticism of Islam has to be conducted with care."

Even if one were to argue that communism - at least in the Russian-Orthodox variation, is an instrument of political theology, it would still be a gross oversimplification to compare it – this still-born theory – with a millennium old monotheistic religion. And whatever the differences between Stalinism and communism – even in the Soviet Union it was never a deeply internalised religion that was carried by the people. It was a social promise and a belief system that was imposed top down and with force. And it imploded by itself like a soap bubble after just 70 years.

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Further to the demonization of women

under Islam a contribution from Times of India Bad time to be Muslim by SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM who "teaches history in UCLA" and I quote;
Ironically, 9/11 has given such views an audience that they would otherwise never have possessed.
The writer, a history teacher, has a very short memory if he thinks an event like 911 would
create the audience for making a career out of and earning a living of peoples fear of islam.
An example of how Islamophobia truly pays is provided by the recent case of the Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who after a brief career in the Dutch parliament is about to leave that country for a radical right-wing think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, known for its hand behind the war in Iraq and Republican foreign policy.
The writer who is a history teacher does not know most Dutch MP's only serve one termin
of 4 years since they are selldom chosen twice and since the governement's minister for immigration stipped her of her citizenship Hirsi was forced the give up her lawseat.
Though acclaimed by the likes of Time magazine and Christopher Hitchens, it is now amply clear that Ali gained Dutch citizenship under false pretences, claiming to be a political refugee from Somalia, when in fact she was a long-term resident of Kenya.
The writer who is presented by the Times of India as a teacher of history is not awear that
Somalia does not have a international recognitized governement. Not now and not in the year 1992 with civil clanwars when Hirsi asked for asylum and names Hirsi's use of her mothers name Ali and change of her birthyear 1969 into 1967 to avoid beinging traced by her tribe or enemies thereof "false pretences". The Somalian people lived in the now Ethiopia, Puntland, Somalia and Kenia countries long before the Frence, Italian and British colonisators divided it up between them and made those arteficial borders.
In Holland, after flirting with a variety of other tendencies, she was eventually associated with radical Islamophobic movements, and her collaborator Theo van Gogh was murdered in the streets in November 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri.
The writer who teaches his story at UCLA fails to observe the murder in Amsterdam took place on the same date November 2 as the Balfort declaration granting jews permission to settle in Palestine then a British protectoraat since the Turkish occupier lost with the Germans world war one. The letter pinned through the dying corps during the slaughter by Muslim assassin Mohammed is about Hirsi being a slave of her jewish masters. This Mohammed from
is a Arabized berber who sees black women as slaves.
She has then gone on to use a variety of platforms to promote herself, even finding common cause with anti-immigration parties (despite her own history), and playing the card of Islamophobia in the name of an allegiance to the "Enlightenment".
Enlightenment is defined by Schopenhauer as using one owns thinking and being mentaly grown up. Her vvd party is sort of anti immigration since it drives the middelclasses and shopowners out of the cities and only poverty remains since the immigrants offspring have no means and ways to support themselfs and the second and thirt generation blames it on the open society they chose to live in! The PvdA used NB a Cohen to write the anti immigation laws that got implemented by a vvd minister.
The vast number of awards she has garnered, in comparison to a number of genuine feminists, social workers, and other public intellectuals, shows once and for all that Islamophobia does pay, especially coming from a former Muslim. At this rate, Ali will be the Bernard Lewis of tomorrow.
The writer teaches history in UCLA but predicts the future!
SANJAY SUBRAHMANYAM disqualifies himself out of his profession by promoting his political opion that Islamophobia has to do with getting payed for it.

Députée au Parlement des Pays- Bas, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, d'origine somalienne, a récupéré, mardi 27 juin, sa nationalité et son passeport néerlandais. Elle en était privée, depuis le 15 mai, par décision de la ministre de l'immigration et de l'intégration, Rita Verdonk, pourtant membre de la même formation politique - le VVD, Parti populaire pour la liberté et la démocratie (libéral). Mme Verdonk, qui a une réputation de femme à poigne, avait pris cette mesure radicale après la diffusion d'un reportage dans lequel Mme Hirsi Ali était accusée d'avoir menti sur son nom et sa date de naissance lorsqu'elle avait formulé sa demande d'asile, en 1992.

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Is it part of your application process

mediaprince Lewis the IV th during some quality time @ $2500 per aired minute CBC with Miss Hirsi Ali about "her latest incarnation" at the presumed neocon thinktank AEI for public policy;
Is there a school where they teach you these American clichés? Is it part of your application process that you have to… I'm sorry… I'm so upset that I'm losing my guards here. I can't believe you just said that.
Private kindergarten educated Avi is run off the 4 th generation of Uber-class socialists clique and is state employed at the taxpayer-financed Canadian TV.

At Moonbattery Ayaan Hirsi Ali Steps on bug it reads "so upset that I'm losing my cards here". This could be guards. Not cards. The frence "en garde" better fits.

They did some recounting of the votes but Lewis said
Tell that to the people who believe there have been a couple of stolen elections. That the democracy is completely broken.
After Hirsi's
It's the best democracy in the world. It's the best place to be.
Avi Lewis uttered the allready stated above;
Is there a school where they teach you these American clichés? Is it part of your application process that you have to… I'm sorry… I'm so upset that I'm losing my cards here. I can't believe you just said that.
And got said he has not sense of liberty by Ayaan Hirsi Ali;
I've lived in countries that had no democracy, that had no Founding Fathers […] so I don't find myself in the same luxury as you. You grew up in freedom, and you can spit on freedom, because you don't know what it is not to have freedom.
With iframe from canadiancoalition A midget interviews a giant:Avi Lewis' infantile attack on Hirsi Ali in case CBC actually has any shame, rare among those who live off the taxpayer, and removes this archetypical CBC interview from their website, captured .

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Census Bureau data: Iroquois sequoia

Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream May 22, 2007

The Pew Research Center conducted more than 55,000 interviews to obtain a national sample of 1,050 Muslims living in the United States. Interviews were conducted in English, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

Based on data from this survey, along with available Census Bureau data on immigrants' nativity and nationality, the Pew Research Center estimates the total population of Muslims in the United States at 2.35 million.

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Johnstown Pittsburgh, imam

Although ElBayly believes a death sentence is warranted for Hirsi Ali, he stressed that America is not the jurisdiction where such a crime should be punished. Instead, Hirsi Ali should be judged in a Muslim country after being given a trial, he added. The imam is not a orginal born Egyptian, see picture from Seti I tomb with Syrian, Nubian, Libyan, and Egyptian but claims islam jurisdiction over conquered countries and issues deathsentence/fatwa in Johnstown PA.
Since hieroglyphs always "look" to the beginning of the sencence, can be read top down or
with a mirror, the first in Egypt society are the coloured original Egyptians. Then neighbouring
Libians and Nile upwards darker Africans.
The Hittities lived in Anatolia and Turkey up to Hebron also in Syria.

Memeorandum April 23, 2007, 8:00 AM UPDATE: Pa. Muslim center leader quits over remarks about Islam critic & Women tend to scare imams; The unreported American story is also about an imam, forced to resign from a Pennsylvania Islamic Centre for telling a newspaper, "(The) death sentence is warranted" for best-selling author and critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch Parliament member.

Blogrunner: A Conversation with Imam Fouad ElBayly

Ali, a brave Somalian woman who has been waging a lonely battle against theocrats who do not believe in women's right to dignity and freedom and has pitilessly exposed the cruel, gruesome practice of female circumcision in Islamic countries, spoke at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, on April 17. Presumably she repeated her thesis on Islamism and fundamentalism being inimical to freedom and liberty. "She has been identified as one who has defamed the faith. If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death," the Egyptian imam who has been preaching in the US since 1976, told a newspaper later. Obviously the imam was referring to Ali's "defaming the faith" by writing the script of Submission, a film on how Muslim women are subjugated and denied dignity by those who claim to be true adherents of the faith. Theo Van Gogh, the film's director, was murdered by an Islamist in an Amsterdam street on November 2, 2004. Since then Ali has been living in the shadow of death but has not given up her fight. "To feel otherwise," she says, "would be to deny everything I stand for."

To appease the Islamists and make peace with those hounding Ali, the Dutch Government moved to strip her of citizenship on the specious plea that she had "lied" about her date of birth, country of origin and name while seeking political asylum. Ali fought back the charges, but in the end resigned from Parliament and has now moved to the US where she is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Her book, The Caged Virgin - A Muslim Woman's Cry for Reason, has sold millions of copies across the world. It is not surprising that imams who believe it is alright for men to beat their wives should feel threatened by gutsy women like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and, closer home, Taslima Nasreen - their thoughts would not fetch them a hapenny. And deep within they know paradise is not for those who peddle hate as faith.

5/10/2007, 3:07 a.m. EDT The Associated Press

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The leader of a Muslim center has resigned after telling a newspaper that, in the eyes of the Islamic community, a death sentence was warranted for the best-selling author and critic of radical Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who recently visited the area.

Fouad ElBayly said Wednesday he had stepped down as imam and president of the Islamic Center of Johnstown. He said the center's board members requested his resignation.

The request came in response to ElBayly's comments about Ali, who spoke April 17 at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown.

ElBayly, a native of Egypt who came to the United States in 1976, and Mahmood A. Qazi, the center's founder, had tried to get the university to cancel Hirsi Ali's appearance, saying her criticisms were unjustified and could create dissension in their community.

"She has been identified as one who has defamed the faith. If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death," ElBayly was quoted saying in an April 22 story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

In a letter to newspapers in Pittsburgh and Johnstown, the center's attorney, Dennis J. Stofko said ElBayly's comments did not reflect the views held by board members.

"The Islamic Center of Johnstown was established to foster religious tolerance, education and the exercise of its religious beliefs," Stofko said. The center, he said, "sincerely respects the rights of individuals to speak their opinions openly and freely without the fear of reprisal."

"I've said enough already," ElBayly said about his resignation.

Hirsi Ali, a native of Somalia and former member of parliament in the Netherlands, wrote the script for the film, "Submission" — a fictional study of abused Muslim women, with scenes of near-naked women with Quranic verses written on their bodies. While some Muslims called it blasphemous, Hirsi Ali said it expressed her dream of an Islamic Age of Enlightenment.

The film's director, Theo van Gogh, was murdered on an Amsterdam street in 2004, and his killer thrust into his chest a letter threatening Hirsi Ali's life. She has moved to the United States, joined the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and written the best-selling autobiography, "Infidel," a graphic account of how she rejected her faith and the violence she said was inflicted on her in the name of Islam.

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Campus briefs - News

Campus briefs - News

Presidential Speaker Series canceled after speaker misses flight

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who was scheduled to speak at Santa Clara on Thursday, cancelled the event after missing her flight in Los Angeles, university spokeswoman Deepa Arora said.

Hirsi Ali was supposed to be part of University President Paul Locatelli's, S.J., Presidential Speaker Series. It is unknown if the talk will be rescheduled, Arora said.

David DeCosse, director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, said the ethics center would be interested in bringing her back, but the university wants to find out what happened with her cancellation before rescheduling.

DeCosse said it cost approximately $10,000 to put on the event, with a majority of the cost pertaining to her security.

Hirsi Ali, a critic of Islam, has received death threats and travels with heavy security. There was a metal detector outside Mayer Theatre, and law enforcement officials were involved with planning the event, DeCosse said.

"At the ethics center, we'd love to have her back," DeCosse said. "But we'd like to have our expenses incurred met in terms of a reduction of fees."

From staff reports. E-mail

Saturday, February 10, 2007

review: a critic of Islam

DARK SECRETS from the imperial wizards political islam fan desk at the Grand Inquisitors Office of the Anglo-Saxon Kirche, Kinder und Kuche meanstream printmedia "The Economist"' their contribution to the demonizing of women; "Ayaan Hirsi Ali blames Islam for the miseries of the Muslim world. Her new autobiography shows that life is too complex for that". More musalmaniac islamfreudian pseudopsy sextraumata cyberimanism at CAIR
Original image from Leiden campuspaper Mare jan 2003 copied to newspaper Trouw" used darkend without any credit nor reference to artist or source by "Economist" 2007 to fit the blackening title "Dark Secrets".

NEWSWEEK MEDIA LEAD SHEET/February 26, 2007 Issue (On Newsstands Monday, February 19)

ISLAM: "Only One Side of the Story" (p. 38). General Editor Lorraine Ali reviews Somali-born feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali's memoir "Infidel." Hirsi Ali, a 38-year-old Dutch citizen, is one of Europe's most infamous critics of Islam. She rode a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment all the way into the Dutch Parliament, where she gained a seat. But the memoir is as much about her political agenda as it is her life, and in between tales of her youth she wedges harsh and uncompromising declarations. "If her coming-of-age story ... were allowed to breathe on its own, 'Infidel' would prove an eye-opening look into the plight of African Muslim women. But throughout the book, you can't help but feel manipulated, rather than moved," Lorraine Ali writes.

Der britische ECONOMIST versucht in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe, Ayaan Hirsi Ali - bildlich gesprochen - mit Dreck zu bewerfen. Schon das schwarzdunkle Foto der dunkelhäutigen Ayaan zusammen mit der Überschrift "Dunkle Geheimnisse" spricht Bände und ist im Grunde eine Frechheit. Im Artikel wird behauptet, Hirsi Alis eigenes Leben widerspreche ihrer These, daß der Islam an der Misere der muslimischen Welt schuld sei.

Photo: KKK midgets preforming after appearance in the Jerry Springer show.

First of all it starts with a dark photo of the kushite woman with those "secrets". Then it calls her changing roles chameleon like and proves she must be evil, how else could someone from not speaking any Dutch at arrival be in a decade in parliament if not the devil speaking from her mouth.

How if not manipulating sentiment and surfing on anti immigrant waves could this be?
Invisable in the dark, lurking in the undergroove poking the underbelly sentiments of anti immigrantism following the mediahyped wave after the "murder in Amsterdam" she would have plotted if not orkestrated her free ride into a lawseat.

The true nature of her cloaking means are however unveiled in alledged uproaring lies for asylum proving her chameleon snakelike nature. Granted within weeks because somali live in Ethiopia, Puntland, Somaila and Kenia in the Horn of Africa and the civel warlords clanwar still going on so Mme Ayaan fitted well to fill the refuges quota statictics for the Netherlands.
Also: Le Figaro May 14 2005: “In 1990 she and her sister were sent back to Somalia, to reconnect with their roots […] in November 1990 Ayaan was called back to her family in Nairobi, because civil war was raging in Somalia.”

The Economist artikel opens with;
SAY what you will about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, she fascinates. The Dutch-Somali politician, who has lived under armed guard ever since a fatwa was issued against her in 2004, is a chameleon of a woman. Just 11 years after she arrived in the Netherlands from Africa, she rode into parliament on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment, only to leave again last year, this time for America, after an uproar over lies she had told to obtain asylum.
Then it goes on, more social roles are not exeptable for women with "her talent for reinvention" even reflecting thus "proving" in the titles for her memoir per language. As if the publisher or editors have no say in coverdesign and best name for the book. Infidel in Dutch would be ongelovige or unbieliever so "Mijn Vrijheid" makes more sense. And want about "ma vie rebblie" ? Islam is also introduced as a way to make critic´s so famous they are the most famous, of the whole world even ( where else? )
Even the title of her new autobiography reflects her talent for reinvention. In the Netherlands, where Ms Hirsi Ali got her start campaigning against the oppression of Muslim women, the book has been published under the title “My Freedom”. But in Britain and in America, where she now has a fellowship at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, it is called “Infidel”. In it, she recounts how she and her family made the cultural odyssey from nomadic to urban life in Africa and how she eventually made the jump to Europe and international celebrity as the world's most famous critic of Islam.
She wrote a artikel in newspaper Trouw "Gun ons een Voltaire", allow us a V. and now she has aspirations to be THE Muslim Voltaire?. As if she has the funds or protectors as Voltaire did. Besides V. dictated in Frence in his pyjamas from his bed. Ayaan said at a recent AEI book presentation "I told the book". After writing the first chaper she spoke it on cassette tapes that where typed over by a woman and read/wrote on transcripts what to use for the book. Now some say she used a ghostwriter...

To prove not fitting tendencies all sort of personal details are mentioned to conclude Hirsi is just exploiting, "the West's tendency to seek simplistic explanations is a weakness that Ms Hirsi Ali also shows she has been happy to exploit." as if her memoir is not a description has already been copied to Wikipedia´s the Infidel: the story of my Enlightement The whole article is aimed at by discrediting the messager denying the message.
Read as a modern coming-of-age story set in Africa, the book has a certain charm. Read as a key to the thinking of a woman who aspires to be the Muslim Voltaire, it is more problematic. The facts as Ms Hirsi Ali tells them here do not fit well either with some of the stories she has told in the past or with her tendency in her political writing to ascribe most of the troubles of the Muslim world to Islam.
Rest gives no arguments. It is only personal things designed to undermine, it´s pussyfooting around to deliver the sting at it´s end conclusion.
She grew up sometimes without her father with her fundamentalistic mother;
Ms Hirsi Ali's father, Hirsi Magan Isse, was one of the first Somalis to study overseas in Italy and America. He met his future wife, Asha, when she signed up for a literacy class he taught during Somalia's springtime of independence in the 1960s. The family's troubles began in 1969, the year Ms Hirsi Ali was born. That was also the year that Mohammed Siad Barre, a Somali army commander, seized power in a military coup. Hirsi Magan was descended from the traditional rulers of the Darod, Somalia's second biggest clan. Siad Barre, who hailed from a lesser Darod family, feared and resented Ms Hirsi Ali's father's family, she says. In 1972, Siad Barre had Hirsi Magan put in prison from which he escaped three years later and fled the country. Not until 1978 was the family reunited with him.

As a young woman, Ms Hirsi Ali's mother, Asha, does not seem to have inhabited “the virgin's cage” that the author claims imprisons Muslim women around the world. At the age of 15, she travelled by herself to Aden where she got a job cleaning house for a British woman. Despite her adventurous spirit, in Yemen and later in the Gulf she found herself drawn to the stern Wahhabi version of Islam that would later clash with the more relaxed interpretation of Islam favoured by Ms Hirsi Ali's father and many other Somalis. She and Hirsi Magan fell out not long after the family moved to Kenya in 1980. Hirsi Magan left to join a group of Somali opposition politicians in exile in Ethiopia and did not return to his family for ten years.
They raised a bunch of high school drop outs;
Ms Hirsi Ali says her mother had no idea how to raise her children in a foreign city. She frequently beat Ayaan and her sister, Haweya. Although they and their brother, Mahad, attended some of Nairobi's best schools, Haweya and Mahad dropped out early on. Ms Hirsi Ali herself meanwhile fell under the sway of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Even in veil she was contemplating flirtations with a boy drawn from devilish Engish novels and
admits to schitzofrenic tendencies in her multi-level brain.
Some of the best passages in the book concern this part of her life. As a teenager, Ms Hirsi Ali chose to wear the all-encompassing black Arab veil, which was unusual in cosmopolitan Nairobi. “Weirdly, it made me feel like an individual. It sent out a message of superiority,” she writes. Even as she wore it, Ms Hirsi Ali was drawn in other directions. She read English novels and flirted with a boy. Young immigrants of any religion growing up with traditional parents in a modern society will recognise her confusion: “I was living on several levels in my brain. There was kissing Kennedy; there was clan honour; and there was Sister Aziza and God.”
Perhaps her father wanted her out of Africa because of the uncivilized clan wars since 1990.
Easy choice between runaway bride and legal rape by marriage. But the rights of free born women in the West do not apply to women bodies from Afican soil born to Islam. Feminists in the West have become desperate housewifes now who do not care. Also ones a liar always a liar.
Ms Hirsi Ali sounds less frank when she tells the convoluted story of how and why she came to seek asylum at the age of 22 in the Netherlands. She has admitted in the past to changing her name and her age, and to concocting a story for the Dutch authorities about running away from Somalia's civil war. (In fact she left from Kenya, where she had had refugee status for ten years.) She has since justified those lies by saying that she feared another kind of persecution: the vengeance of her clan after she ran away from an arranged marriage.
The usefull idiots at the luny left multiculturefanatics running the State TV VARA Zembla made a weird documentary "the Holy Ayaan" full with accusations. The journalists were supprised to find the house the Hirsi´s lived in Nairobi had running water and Ayaans and her sister´s shared room big enough to store a complete household with childern.(filmed)
VOICE-OVER ZEMBLA: “It’s a luxury neighbourhood!” Reporter is driving in one of
the neighbourhoods of Nairobi where Ayaan lived, the implication clearly being that
Ayaan claims to have been brought up in poverty. This observation made it to the BBC!
However, last May a Dutch television documentary suggested that while Ms Hirsi Ali did run away from a marriage, her life was in no danger. The subsequent uproar nearly cost Ms Hirsi Ali her Dutch citizenship, which may be the reason why she is careful here to re-state how much she feared her family when she first arrived in the Netherlands. But the facts as she tells them about the many chances she passed up to get out of the marriage—how her father and his clan disapproved of violence against women; how relatives already in the Netherlands helped her to gain asylum; and how her ex-husband peaceably agreed to a divorce—hardly seem to bear her out.
Then about all those fortune seekers and wildflower golddiggers.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not the first person to use false pretences to try to find a better life in the West, nor will she be the last. But the muddy account given in this book of her so-called forced marriage becomes more troubling when one considers that Ms Hirsi Ali has built a career out of portraying herself as the lifelong victim of fanatical Muslims.
And the effects of modern civilisation on talented young girls.
Another, even more disturbing story concerns her sister Haweya's sojourn in the Netherlands. In her earlier book, “The Caged Virgin”, which came out last year, Ms Hirsi Ali wrote that her sister came to the Netherlands to avoid being “married off”. In “Infidel”, however, she says Haweya came to recover from an illicit affair with a married man that ended in abortion. Ms Hirsi Ali helped Haweya make up another fabricated story that gained her refugee status, but the Netherlands offered her little respite. After another affair and a further abortion, Haweya was put into a psychiatric hospital. Back in Nairobi, she died from a miscarriage brought on by an episode of religious frenzy. “It was the worst news of my life,” Ms Hirsi Ali writes.
The human aspects of live events and handling them per culture are ignored.
Mental illness, abortion, failed marriages, illicit affairs and differing interpretations of religion: much as she tries, the kind of problems that Ms Hirsi Ali describes in “Infidel” are all too human to be blamed entirely on Islam. Her book shows that her life, like those of other Muslims, is more complex than many people in the West may have realised. But the West's tendency to seek simplistic explanations is a weakness that Ms Hirsi Ali also shows she has been happy to exploit.
Nachschrift von kwewil @, rest obere tekst.

Ihr Leben beweise, daß man im Islam auch als Frau Freiheiten habe. Dies ist insofern unseriös, als Hirsi Ali die meiste Zeit ihres erwachsenen Lebens in nicht-muslimischen Ländern zugebracht hat und ihre Biographie somit nicht als Gegenargument taugen kann.

Der ECONOMIST schämt sich des weiteren nicht, Abtreibungen von Ayaans Schwester als Argument für den freiheitlichen Charakter des Islams anzuführen. Auch das Leben ihrer Mutter wird auf "Freiheiten" untersucht. Und als weiterer Top-Beweis für Ayaans "Schummeleien" wird der holländische Sensations-Fernsehsender angeführt, der im Sommer Hirsi Alis Asyllüge aufdecken wollte, dabei hatte sie alles schon erwiesenermaßen Monate zuvor selbst öffentlich gemacht!

Der Bericht des ECONOMIST bestätigt ein weiteres Mal die islamfreundliche Haltung des Blattes - Israel soll beispielsweise Achmadinedschads Atombombenbau testhalber hinnehmen, es werde nichts passieren usw. usf. Ich habe jetzt jedenfalls genug und bestelle das Abo ab, muß nur noch herausfinden, wie das online geht!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Erosie van de vrijheid tekst van de G. De Molinarirede, bij het aanvaarden van de Prijs voor de Vrijheid (Nova Civitas) Derk-Jan Eppink 30-01-2007

In zijn bekende werk Road to Serfdom schreef Friedrich von Hayek in 1944:

‘Het woord vrijheid is in al zijn betekenissen zo afgesleten en zo vaak misbruikt dat men er zich voor behoedt het als omschrijving van een ideaal te gebruiken, dat het ooit was’.

Von Hayek stelt dit in de eindjaren van de tweede wereldoorlog die voor een deel een strijd was tussen democratie en nationaal-socialisme, maar die niettemin het socialisme als grote onverwinnaar kende. Het Derde Rijk was weg, maar het ideaal van de staat waarin alle mensen gelijk zijn, bleef bestaan. Het gelijkheidsideaal was sterker dan het vrijheidsideaal. Dat die staat naar slavernij leidde, onderkende menig intellectueel vrij laat. Stalin was na de oorlog een held en Mao werd de zonnegod van menig Westers intellectueel. De 'culturele revolutie' werd gezien als hoogtepunt van beschaving, tot een Belg – ene Simon Leys – het ballonnetje doorprikte.

Von Hayek onderkende dat wel op tijd. Hij hunkerde naar de idealen van de Verlichting, zoals de tolerantie waarbij respect voor het individu en zijn mening centraal stond. Hij schreef:

‘Tolerantie is misschien het enige woord dat het principe van vrijheid tot uitdrukking brengt en dat de tijd van de Renaissance een stempel gaf. Maar tolerantie verloor haar betekenis met de opkomst van totalitaire staten.’

Vrijheid en Tolerantie zijn begrippen die nog altijd actueel zijn en die soms vreemde kostgangers kennen. Zo is er Prins Filip die de grenzen van de persvrijheid denkt te kunnen definiëren. Hij werd tot de orde geroepen door premier Verhofstadt die een nog veel groter gevaar is voor de persvrijheid. De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet. Politici die vrijheid en tolerantie willen nekken, gebruiken vaak de term vrijheid en tolerantie om dat te doen.

Vrijheid is in gevaar. Niet door een bezettingsleger, een dictator of vreemde machten. Nee, het is een sluipend proces en de oorzaak is de houding van de Europese elites.

Zij – de politiekculturele elites van West-Europa - lijden aan een gebrek aan cultureel zelfvertrouwen. Zij weten niet wie zij zijn en waar zij voor staan. Zij zijn onzichtbaar en onherkenbaar en kunnen maar één ding: toegeven.

Wij leven in een tijdsgewricht waarin alle democratische waarden en burgerlijke vrijheden relatief zijn geworden: ze zijn onderhandelbaar, vervangbaar en betwistbaar.

Vrijheid is de motor van vooruitgang, welvaart en sociale gerechtigheid omdat zij alleen kan floreren in een kader van waarden die wettelijk zijn verankerd. Sommigen verwarren vrijheid met het recht van de jungle. Dat kan niet. Want in de jungle wint de sterkste en leeft de rest in de slavernij die Von Hayek omschreef. Vrijheid gaat gepaard met het concept van de rule of law.

Onze burgerlijke vrijheden zijn verankerd in grondwetten. Maar er is een proces gaande dat vrijheid ongemerkt doet eroderen. Wat ooit een cultureel acquis leek - als resultaat van een strijd van veel generaties - blijkt niet meer dan smeltend ijs. Wij schaatsen op een meer, maar het ijs wordt waterig en de laag dunner. Het gaat goed, zolang het goed gaat.

De democratische rechtstaat is de veruitwendiging van het vrijheidsideaal. De burger heeft onvervreembare grondrechten en zijn gedrag wordt in toom gehouden door rechten en plichten, door burgerfatsoen, door normen en waarden en door sancties die worden opgelegd als het respect van anderen wordt geschonden.

Maar het tanende culturele zelfvertrouwen bij de elites ondermijnt dat bestel.

Waarom hebben Westeuropese elites geen vertrouwen meer?

1. Sinds WO I is Europa niet meer het centrum van de wereld. De Europese orde was tot de oorlog de wereldorde. Maar dat Europa van politiek leiderschap zakte in elkaar; door eigen toedoen. 2. WO II was het einde van het morele leiderschap van Europa. De oorlog en de holocaust zadelden Europa op met een schuldcomplex dat nog altijd geldt. Europa pretendeerde beschaving te brengen, als de White Man’s Burden, maar bleek zelf onbeschaafd. De dekolonisatie maakte Europa klein; tot een landengte. Wederom door eigen toedoen. 3. De 1968 generatie bracht een Umwertung aller Werte. Wat begon als een generatieconflict eindigde in een morele leegte. Een oude hierarchische orde werd omver geworpen, inclusief geloof en instellingen, maar er kwam niet veel in de plaats behalve een schuldcultuur die tegenwoordig politieke correctheid wordt genoemd. De democratisering van 1968 leidde niet tot een sterkere culturele basis maar tot zelfkritiek zonder einde. Iedereen weet het: wij zijn de schuld van slavernij, kolonialisme, armoede in de derde wereld, global warming en culturele spanningen in de wereld wegens de kruisvaarders. Europa riep zichzelf uit tot slechterik van de wereld. De geschiedenis wordt herschreven en de taal gezuiverd. Van minister Dewael mag het cijfer 8 niet omdat het aan Hitler refereert. Ik heb dat nooit geweten. Kortom: Vlamingen moeten zich schamen als ze Kongo zien en moeten de 8 schrappen.

Dat gebrek aan cultureel vertrouwen manifesteert zich op een moment waarop zich een belangrijk fenomeen voordoet: migratie.

Migratie is al decennia bezig, maar bereikt nu een kritische massa en een politiek gewicht. Bovendien zal migratie naar Europa nog decennia doorgaan door de bevolkingsexplosie in N/W Afrika en het M-O. De bevolking verdubbelt er, terwijl de Europese bevolking slinkt. Turkije telt nu 73 miljoen inwoners; in 2050 100 miljoen. Algerije heeft nu 32 miljoen inwoners; in 2050 49 miljoen. Marokko heeft nu 31 miljoen inwoners; in 2050 46 miljoen. Egypte telt nu 74 miljoen inwoners; in 2050 125 miljoen. Nigeria heeft nu 131 miljoen inwoners; in 2050 258 miljoen.

Dit zijn de schattingen van de Verenigde Naties. Mijn conclusie is dat emigratie naar Europa zal doorgaan, hoe dan ook. Daar kan geen muur tegen op. Daar helpt geen uitzetting meer, hoe efficiënt ook. Zelfs ontwikkelingshulp zal de stroom niet stoppen. We kunnen het alleen wat afremmen en reguleren via een Europees kwalitatief immigratiebeleid. De Europese bevolking wordt kleiner en ouder. De bevolking in Noord-Afrika wordt jong, vitaal en viriel. In elk geschiedkundig tijdvak leidde dat tot migratie. Zeker in een wereld dat een dorp is geworden. We moeten ons daarop instellen en ervoor zorgen dat de nieuwkomers integreren in een project dat heet: Vrijheid.

Veel mensen met een andere cultuur en godsdienst komen hier maar wat treffen ze aan? Niets. Er is een moreel niemandsland en een elite die zich apologetisch gedraagt.

Wat doen de nieuwkomers? Zij stellen hun waarden in de plaats. Naarmate de getallen groeien, gaat de Europese elite vanzelf over tot culturele capitulatie want ze kunnen niets. Zij schamen zich voor zichzelf. Men spreekt over integratie, maar wie integreert zich in wie? De historische kernvraag voor Europa luidt: Europeaniseert de islam of islamiseert Europa?

Als ik kijk naar de Europese elite gebeurt dat laatste:

1. Koningin Beatrix geeft imams geen hand om hen niet te beledigen. Een hand geven is een teken van respect. In dit geval een uitdrukking van de gelijkheid tussen man en vrouw. Maar die waarde is dus onderhandelbaar. Erger nog: de imam hoeft niet eens te onderhandelen, de Koningin doet het zelf al. Ik ben voor een monarchie, want denk eens aan het alternatief: President Lubbers of president Verhofstadt. Dat is afschrikwekkend. Maar ik vraag me af in hoeverre koningshuizen nog dragers zijn van de Europese cultuur. Schamen zij zich soms voor wat ze zijn? 2. Ex-minister van Justitie, Piet Hein Donner, zei onlangs: 'Als een tweederde meerderheid voor de sharia is en het wordt ingevoerd, is dat democratisch'. Maar hoe zit het dan met de grondrechten voor de vrouw? Die zijn kennelijk vervangbaar. Overigens is de these van Donner niet theoretisch. Over enkele jaren is de meerderheid in de grote steden van Vlaanderen of Nederland allochtoon en is de islam er de grootste godsdienst. Stel het gemeentebestuur besluit de zwembaden te scheiden naar geslacht, zoals ooit in Zuid-Afrika naar ras. En daarna scheiden zij het onderwijs. Wat doen wij dan? 3. Hoogleraar Pieter van der Horst van de theologie faculteit in Utrecht wilde onlangs, in zijn afscheidsrede, ingaan op het Arabische antisemitisme. De top van de universiteit ‘verzocht hem dringend’ delen uit die rede te schrappen omdat anders allochtone studenten misschien boos zouden worden. Academische vrijheid wordt ondermijnd. Door de rector. 4. De Amsterdamse cabaretier Ewout Jansen (zoon van de Arabist Hans Jansen) maakte onlangs een grap over de islam. Een woordvoerder van de naburige moskee riep zijn geloofsgenoten op de cabaretier te vermoorden. Wat zegt de burgemeester van Amsterdam? Niets. 5. De directeur van de Berlijnse Opera besloot vorig jaar, volledig uit zichzelf, om Mozarts opera Idomeneo niet op te voeren. Hij was bang voor repercussies. De culturele elite gaat over tot zelfcensuur. 6. De Nederlandse Rutgers Groep die sexuele voorlichting geeft, besloot onlangs lesmateriaal uit te delen op scholen over meisjesbesnijdenis. Hierdoor zou het onderwerp bespreekbaar moeten worden op scholen ten behoeve van deskundigenbevordering. Er zijn mensen, onder wie de Vlaamse schrijfster Kristien Hemmerechts, die vinden dat de besnijdenis toelaatbaar is, indien onder hygiënische omstandigheden. Zij noemt zichzelf feministe maar laat na islamitische vrouwen te verdedigen. Die hebben kennelijk geen recht op de integriteit van het lichaam. 7. Iedereen herinnert zich de rel rondom de Deense cartoon. Opvallend was dat Denemarken in Europa vrijwel alleen stond, terwijl in Arabische landen demonstranten amok maakten terwijl ze niet wisten of Denemarken een land of een kaas was. 8. Ook de toespraak van de Paus in Regenburg werd voorwerp van kritiek. De Paus stond alleen want voor de progressieve Europese elites is hij een oude, domme man. Hij werd als een ophitser afgeschilderd terwijl hij sprak over de relatie tussen 'rede en religie'. Een thema dat voor de nieuwkomers zeer leerzaam zou kunnen zijn.

Er is dus een culturele capitulatie gaande in de Europese elites. De ondermijning van de vrijheid komt niet zozeer door de kracht van de islam, maar door de zwakte van Europa en zijn leiders. Zij geven toe omdat ze vriendje willen zijn van iedereen. Ze passen een strategie toe van soft power die voortkomt uiteen een soft mind.

Ze ontvangen de Libische leider Moammer Ghadafi, terwijl deze verantwoordelijk was voor moord, doodslag en terrorisme. Hij wordt omhelsd en gekust door Europese leiders. Daarop eist Ghadaffi tien miljard euro per jaar anders laat hij de immigratie vanuit Afrika onverminderd doorgaan naar Europa. De Libische leider weet waar de kassa rinkelt.

Wie verzetten zich wel tegen de uitholling die ongetwijfeld zal leiden tot slavernij: dat zijn intellectuelen met een islamitische achtergrond. Zo is er de gevluchte Syriër Bassam Tibi die tot voor kort in Duitsland woonde maar naar de VS emigreert. Zo is er de gevluchte Iraniër Afsan Elian die in Nederland woont, maar nog leeft dankzij politiebescherming. Zo is er Hirsi Ali; U kent het verhaal. Zo is er de Turkse Necla Kelek die in Duitsland opkomt voor de rechten van de vrouw en die ooit het boek ‘De vreemde Bruid’ schreef. Ook zij wordt bedreigd. Die mensen verzetten zich omdat ze weten wat eraan komt. En hun grootste tegenstanders zijn nog niet eens zozeer de islamieten, maar de West-Europese intellectuelen en politici die nergens voor staan.
Is er dan nog hoop?
Ja, de bevolking.

Zij begint aan te voelen dat het de verkeerde kant op gaat. Het zijn uiteraard niet de werken van Von Hayek die dat inzicht bieden, maar het alledaagse leven. De burgers zien in korte tijd hun steden veranderen en ze zien elites die bezig zijn met culturele capitulatie. Zo stelde een groep in de Nederlandse christelijke vakbond CNV onlangs voor om de tweede Pinksterdag te vervangen door het Suikerfeest. Straten veranderen, scholen veranderen, feesten veranderen en landen veranderen. Doe dit nog eens veertig jaar en Europa is weg. Maar niet alleen Europa, ook zijn burgerlijke vrijheden, de democratische rechtsbeginselen en de rechtstaat. Alles waar generaties Europeanen voor streden, zal vanzelf wegsmelten. Europese elites durven amper nog referenda te houden, want ze verliezen die. Ze vieren grote feesten over de Europese grondwet, grootse verklaringen, schitterende conferenties; maar de gang naar de kiezer overleven ze niet. Waarom: de burger voelt aan dat het niet snor zit.

Europa heeft een culturele correctie nodig.

De elite moet op de plaats worden gezet via de stembus. We moeten ‘post 1968 politici’ hebben, mensen die niet de neiging hebben tot culturele capitulatie; mensen met zelfvertrouwen; mensen die trots zijn op onze culturele waarden. Ik moet '1968' wel nuanceren: er is Parijs en Praag. De eerste wilde gelijkheid; de tweede vrijheid. Van 1968 Parijs hebben we meer dan genoeg gehad; van 1968 Praag hebben we meer nodig.

Onze '68 generatie heeft haar kans gehad. Zij hadden de beste banen, de beste salarissen en straks nog net de beste pensioenen, terwijl ze de meeste schulden maakten. Ik wens de ‘1968 politici’ nog veel plezier op de golfbaan. Maar wat heeft zij gepresteerd behalve inhaleren, consumeren en coöpteren?

Ik zie meer directe democratie als laatste redmiddel. Daarom moeten belangrijke vragen weer worden voorgelegd aan de burger. Nu kan het nog. Veel parlementen zitten vol met gehoorzame jaknikkers; de vrienden en vriendinnen van de regeerders. Hoe kan ik anders verklaren dat in Frankrijk en Nederland de parlementen massaal voor de Europese grondwet stemden en de bevolking massaal tegen. De man in de straat kan paal en perk stellen aan de culturele capitulatie. In een normale democratie is een referendum eigenlijk niet nodig want het parlement vertegenwoordigt het volk en de pers is de spiegel van de samenleving.

Maar dat is niet meer zo. Het parlement is het gemiddelde van een particratie, amigocratie en familiecratie. Het parlement vertegenwoordigt zichzelf. En de pers is niet meer de spiegel van de samenleving maar een lachspiegel. Circa tachtig procent van de mediamensen leeft in de geest van 1968. Zij zijn de deeltjesversnellers van de culturele capitulatie en politieke correctheid is hun wapen. Zij voeren geen debat maar maken anderen zwart en verdacht. Zij herschrijven de taal en herdefiniëren de geschiedenis. Maar zij hebben één frustratie: het volk wil niet mee. Ja, dat rotvolk ook. En dat rotvolk leest ook steeds minder kranten en kijkt minder televisie. Ze worden namelijk dagelijks in het gezicht gespuugd.

Europa heeft politici nodig die zich niet schamen voor de Europese cultuur, voor de joods-christelijke wortels en die trots zijn op Europese waarden die in veel opzichten universele waarden zijn indien men de Universele Verklaring voor de Rechten van de Mens ziet. Als ik de Duitse bondskanselier Merkel zie en de Franse presidentskandidaat Sarkozy krijg ik toch weer hoop. Er is een nieuwe post 68 generatie in aantocht. Er zijn politici die het probleem beginnen te zien. Gelukkig.

Die nieuwe politici moeten vooral duidelijk zijn. De grondrechten die onze vrijheden weerspiegelen zijn niet-onderhandelbaar, niet-betwistbaar en niet-vervangbaar. Zij zijn de bakermat van de samenleving waarin ook nieuwkomers welkom zijn. Wij kunnen de golf van migratie de komende decennia enkel aan als wij duidelijk maken dat onze samenleving is gebouwd op vrijheid en indien onze elites dat uitstralen.

Nieuwkomers moeten hier ergens in kunnen integreren. Zij kunnen niet integreren in ‘niets’. Wel in ‘iets’. En dat ‘iets’ is een vrije samenleving.

Ik ga nu naar de VS dat in veel opzichten de wieg is van veel nieuwe ideeën. Maar ik besef goed dat Europa het strijdtoneel is. Daarom ben ik van plan geregeld terug te komen omdat vrijheid te waardevol is om zo maar op te geven. Het alternatief is namelijk slavernij en dat moeten we voorkomen.

Ik dank U voor de prijs en roep U op de strijd voor de vrijheid voort te zetten.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Onbeantwoorde Kamervragen: van Gogh

De Tweede Kamer heeft weer een debat met de minster over evt. schuld bij de AIVD met als vraag of de moord op Theo van Gogh te voorkomen zou zijn geweest.
,,Vanuit de overheid was er aandacht voor de situatie rondom de heer Van Gogh'', schrijft Remkes. ,,Evenwel kan niet gegarandeerd worden dat elke ongekende dreiging tijdig wordt onderkend of op de - achteraf bezien - juiste wijze wordt geklassificeerd.''
Tevens schrijft de minister Datum 18 december 2006 Ons kenmerk 2737635/01 Blad 3 van 8
daarmee verwijzend naar de wetenschap bij de aivd van de Madrid treinbommen over;
2. De context waarin het inlichtingenwerk in 2004 plaatsvond
Gezien de wijze waarop het internationale jihadistische terrorisme zich in de
periode voorafgaand aan de moord op de heer Van Gogh manifesteerde – ik
verwijs onder andere naar de aanslagen in Madrid in maart 2004 – was de
aandacht van de betrokken partijen primair gericht op het vroegtijdig kunnen
onderkennen en voorkomen van nationaal en/of internationaal georkestreerde,
grootschalige aanslagen met veel slachtoffers op zogenaamde soft targets èn op
rekrutering voor de internationale gewelddadige jihad en daarmee op internationale
contacten tussen (leden van) jihadistisch-terroristische netwerken.
Uit onderstaande berekening blijkt zowel 911 dagen na de politieke moord op Fortuyn de rituele slachting van Van Gogh als 912 dagen na de 9/11 2001, de vliegtuigen in de WTC toren NY de aanslag met de treinbom in Madrid.

Hieruit volgt dat de vertoning van de 11 minuten film Submission niet van invloed
was daar om aansluiting te vinden bij andere losse guerillia groepen het getal
911 als dagentelling voor een aanslag op een bekende figuur al vast lag.

De Madrid aanslag was voor de moord op van Gogh en bij de hele aivd
komt niemand op het idee dat homegrown jihadisten om aansluiting te zoeken
bij een internationaal terrorisme of de basis martelaars uitkering 911 dagen
in plaats van 912 dagen tussen aanslagen te nemen.

de politiek is nog niet klaar met de moord. Morgen praat de Kamer opnieuw met de verantwoordelijke bewindslieden over de vraag of de dood van Van Gogh niet voorkomen had kunnen worden, of overheidsdiensten steken hebben laten vallen. De inlichtingendienst AIVD had de dader al enkele maanden in het vizier wegens zijn mogelijke betrokkenheid bij terrorisme, en toch kon Mohammed Bouyeri op 2 november ongestoord zijn gang gaan. Ook de talloze bedreigingen aan het adres van de filmmaker uit kringen van moslimextremisten nadat hij samen met Ayaan Hirsi Ali de film Submission had gemaakt, leidden niet tot extra beveiliging.

Waarom de rapportage over Mohammed B. een maand voor 2/11-04 plots staakt
en waarom de portiekwoning van zijn buren werd binnengevallen en is pas twee dagen later, terwijl men wist dat meerdere huissleutels in omloop waren,De dienst ging ervan uit dat hij slechts een faciliterende rol speelde, bijvoorbeeld door zijn huis open te stellen de woning van MB doorzocht.

De rituele slachting van Van Gogh, schrijver van "Allah weet het beter",
en maker van de film "0605" over de moord op ex. cpn-er,
de volksmenner Pim Fortuyn door een vegetarische milleuactivist
en dossiervreter die zaken tegen diverse overheden nooit verloor,
is door meer dan 50 mensen gezien.

Juliaanse daynumber
2452164 September 11 2001 911 WTC twin towers NY USA
2453076 March 11 2004 Thursday Madrid train bombings
======= -
912 dagen later

2452401 May 6 2002 Monday Pim Fortyn mediacentrum Hilversum
2453312 Nov 2 2004 Tuesday Theo van Gogh Amsterdam
======= -
911 dagen later en 211, alarmnummer Nederland. In VS call nine one one.

911 WTC twin towers NY USA - September 11 2001 2452164
Madrid train bombings - March 11 2004 Thursday 2453076
912 dagen later

Pim Fortyn mediacentrum Hilversum - May 6 2002 Monday 2452401
Theo van Gogh Amsterdam - Nov 2 2004 Tuesday 2453312
911 dagen later en 211 is alarmnummer Nederland. In VS call nine one one.

Metro 2 november 2006
Inval in het verkeerde huis

De avond van de moord doet een Amsterdams arrestatieteam weer een inval in de straat van Mohammed B, de Marianne Philipsstraat. Ook zijn er drie politiewagens en 25 ‘platte petten’ ter plaatse. De deur van 29-huis wordt aan gruzelementen geslagen. Bewoner Ibrahim Ben Salah wordt drie dagen vastgezet. Pijnlijk, B. deelt namelijk zijn portiek met Ben Salah en woont op 27-huis. De politie doet de inval in de verkeerde woning…
Twee dagen later, op 4 november, betreedt de politie pas de goede woning. Iedereen met een sleutel had inmiddels langs kunnen gaan om bewijsmateriaal te verduisteren.
Donner schrijft op 10 november in een brief aan de Kamer dat Justitie onderzoek heeft gedaan naar de veiligheid van Theo van Gogh en de redactie van Metro. Toenmalig hoofdredacteur Jan Dijkgraaf zegt daarover: “Dat is gelul, dodelijk gelul.” Dijkgraaf doet twee keer aangifte van bedreiging. De aangiftes en het bewijsmateriaal verdwijnen in een lade.

Hofstadleden benaderd door AIVD
Vrijwel alle leden van de Hofstadgroep zijn benaderd door de AIVD om informant te worden. Twee advocaten bevestigen dit tegen Schuurman. Het is niet voor niets dat de Hofstadgroep zo snel na de moord werd opgerold. De onbeantwoorde vraag is dan ook: is Mohammed B. door de AIVD benaderd?