Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hirsi Ali zegt nee tegen Danmark

Nu blijkt er ook nog een 19 internationale steden voor vluchtelingen netwerk ter zijn; "de International Cities of Refuge Network (Icorn), an initiative comprising 19 towns around the world offering asylum to authors under threat"
19/4-07: The government together with the Danish branch of international literary organisation PEN has
De govt samen met de Deense Tak van int. literatuur org. PEN heeft
decided to join the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) that grants persecuted
besloten aan te sluiten bij icorn die geeft vervolgde
literary personalities a safe haven and stipends.
schrijvers personen een veilig onderkomen en stipendia/toelagen.

ICORN, which was founded by Salman Rushdie after he was made the target of an Islamic fatwa in 1989 for his novel ‘Satanic Verses’*, is a worldwide network of cities that allow writers to continue their work without fear of reprisal from authoritative regimes. *sar-stanza's; treiterrijmen en dwanggedichten. b.v. aantal engelen moest rijmen, zodat het er acht ipv 7 werden wat gewoon veel is waardoor complete woestijnvolken met ander engelgetal opeens duivelaanbidders werden.

Brian Mikkelsen, the culture minister, said he considered ICORN as a way for Denmark to demonstrate its support for freedom of expression.

Danish Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen was quoted as saying today.

"Ayan Hirsi Ali should top the list of writers who, in my opinion, should be invited to (come and live in) Denmark. She has, more than anyone, fought for freedom of speech and she has, more than anyone, faced personal threats on her life," Mikkelsen told the Jyllands-Posten daily.

He called on Danish towns to offer to house the Somalian-born Hirsi Ali within the framework of the International Cities of Refuge Network (Icorn), an initiative comprising 19 towns around the world offering asylum to authors under threat, which Denmark plans to join.

The following cities are either hosting a writer now, or have committed to receiving a writer within the next year:
Mexico City

Title ICORN : international cities of refuge network
Description The International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) is an international organisation for persecuted writers, and operates as an "association of cities and regions around the world dedicated to the value of Freedom of Expression". The ICORN website has details of the organisation, its aims and membership, its events, and contact details. There is a quarterly ICORN Newsletters in PDF format, which is freely available on the website. As of June 2007, four issues of the newsletter are available. In addition, the 'Babel webzine' sidebar gives free access to many profiles of writers, poems, testimonies, essays on inter-cultural communication, region profiles, and spoken audio files. The Babel webzine can be searched by keyword.
URL http://www.icorn.org/ [English]
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