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Free Ayaan fanboy 's art-poster

Paypal @ security trust for "Roy Lichtenstein"effect block posters;

Touch not the cat bot a glove between the devil and the deep blue sea ; the Dutch gov't says it is willing to pay for Mme Ayaan Hirsi Ali's protection while she is in the NL, not abroad and the US says it does not pay security protection for individuals.

Not since lions tore apart slaves for the prurient enjoyment of the mob has Europe witnessed a spectacle as revolting as Hirsi Ali’s appearance last week before the European Parliament. Before the eyes of the world, a leading citizen of the Netherlands begs the legislature of Europe to protect her against assassins whose declared goal is the destruction of Europe’s liberties as well as its civilization.

Thus far, the authorities of Europe have made clear that they will do nothing to prevent the murder of a prominent citizen. The Dutch government turns its back. Europe’s Parliament listens politely and refers the matter to committee. A group of French MEPs has invited her to apply for French citizenship so that the French government might offer her protection. eos:

"Religious fundamentalism, when it threatens death to anyone who dares criticise the symbols or ideology of a religion, is a direct threat to the fundamental freedoms of the individual." Source: English ; Islam critic in EU protection plea

Ayaan Hirsi Ali told the European parliament in Brussels "The threats to my life have not subsided. If anything they have only increased. And the cost is beyond anything a private person can pay or raise ... I come here to ask you ... to establish a European fund to finance the protection of people like me, whose only crime is free speech."

photo: halal saving piggy coin bank: gluurspleetje van hun spookgewaad: 3 generations babushka nesting dolls with suprise!

She has attempted to raise funds herself, but describes with characteristic eloquence the vortex she has found herself in: "It has become swiftly apparent that the best I can do is raise enough money to pay for the security detail that accompanies me to fundraising meetings." & "I don't want to die. I want to live and I love life. I'm in a desperate situation," Ayaan Hirsi Ali said this week, addressing law-makers at the European Parliament in an attempt to secure EU funding for the 24-hour personal security, Photo El Pais - Paris

From Reuters;

The Dutch government
stopped paying the 2 million euros ($2.9 million) a year bill for protecting Somali-born Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch parliamentarian, in October after she left to join a U.S. think-tank in 2006.

"There is an initiative by French lawmakers of the Socialist Party and intellectuals put to the French government to make her French and let the French government take care of her protection," said Ingrid Pouw, Hirsi Ali's spokeswoman.

Hirsi Ali is now paying for her own protection from donations, said Pouw.

"She is collecting money on a monthly basis," she said.
French lawmakers have also tabled a motion to the European Parliament to get the bloc to pay for her protection, citing freedom of expression and the values of democracy, she said.

"It will be a solution to her problem," said Pouw. She said Hirsi Ali would be willing to take up French citizenship if it would help her get French funding for her protection.
Photo: Aha in EU-parliament
during presentating of the written motion:

"demande que l'Union européenne prenne les mesures nécessaires à la prise en charge de la protection de Mme Ayaan Hirsi Ali – qui n'est plus assurée aujourd'hui par les Pays-Bas –, quel que soit le pays où celle-ci a choisi de résider, afin de ne pas restreindre davantage sa liberté, déjà entravée par les menaces"

to be signed by 393 (1/2 +1) other European MPs in order to have effect.

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