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Politics: Hobby for multi-millionairs

Politics: Hobby for multimillionairs djin-owners and their dark satanic overlords;

Cost of US elections; Obama 197.000.000, Clinton 174.000.000 ( end march 2008 )

" Niet sedert de leeuwen slaven aan parten rijten voor 't pezier van het Romeinse pleps was Europa getuige van een schouwspel zo ongepast als het verschijnen van Hirsi Ali voor het EP. Voor het oog der wereld smeekt een vooraanstaand ingezetene van Nederland de wetgeving van Europa om haar te vrijwaaren van assasijnen wier verklaard
doel de verwoesting van Europeese vrijheden alsook haar beschaving is"

Source: Blessed are the pre-emptors
By Spengler - atimes.com

One might describe Europe’s civil condition as a low-intensity civil war. Outright violence is limited to the sort of rioting by Muslim youth gangs that erupted in France in October 2006, and on a smaller scale in Denmark during the past week. But the threat of violence, including widespread intimidation of public figures, is continuous. Wilders lives under constant police protection. The courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali, co-maker of the film that cost Theo van Gogh his life in 2004 and the author of a bestselling tract against Islam, remains in constant danger of assassination. Her predicament sets in relief the moral bankruptcy of Europe’s governments.

Not since lions tore apart slaves for the prurient enjoyment of the Roman mob has Europe witnessed a spectacle as revolting as Hirsi Ali’s appearance last week before the European Parliament. She has lived under guard since Theo van Gogh’s murder in 2004. To its shame, the Dutch government has stopped paying for her security. On February 14 she asked the European Parliament to fund her security, saying: "The threats to my life have not subsided and the cost is beyond anything I can pay ... I find myself in a very desperate position. I don't want to die. I want to live and I love life. I'm going to do anything legal to get help."

Before the eyes of the world, a leading citizen of the Netherlands begs the legislature of Europe to protect her against assassins whose declared goal is the destruction of Europe’s liberties as well as its civilization. The Dutch government turns its back. Europe’s Parliament listens politely and refers the matter to committee. A group of French members of parliament has invited her to apply for French citizenship so that the French government might offer her protection.

Thus far, the authorities of Europe have made clear that they will do nothing to prevent the murder of a prominent citizen. If Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose plea to the European Parliament made headlines, can expect no help from the authorities when her life is at imminent risk, what succor can the anonymous victims of Islamist violence expect?

I am ashamed to say that it did not become clear to me that Wilders has taken the only appropriate course of action until I read carefully the Archbishop of Canterbury’s now-infamous "sharia" speech. Stripped of casuistry, he proposed that Muslim women subject to forced marriages, genital mutilation, or domestic violence should be handed over to Muslim religious courts, rather than be offered the protection of English Common Law. To my knowledge, this is the first time that one of Europe’s spiritual leaders has proposed to abandon innocent victims to their fate.

Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams, to be sure, has a point. But he should have stated plainly what he really thinks. What he wanted to say is more or less: "To protect a few hundred or a few thousand colored ladies, the English state will have to put its big boots on, kick down the doors of Muslim homes, trample through Muslim living rooms, tear up the fabric of Muslim communities, and disrupt the social order. Why not turn such cases over to religious courts and wash our hands of them?" I reiterate: this is satanic hypocrisy.

If decent and well-meaning men like Dr Williams are so afraid of communal violence as to abandon the founding principles of common law and Judeo-Christian ethics, it is long past time to debate the fine points. Blessed are the pre-emptors, for they will get on with it.

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